Week 2 – Lecture 2

In this lecture we went over a lot of different topics.

The project lifecycle is something that we must all be aware of.  Every research project in most fields have a very similar lifecycle, based on how you research and compile information, so to get your head around this and learn it will be advantageous to anyone on this module.  Knowing it will make it a lot easier to know where you are in your project and where you need to go from there.

Ideation and scope is the process of contextualising what you are doing and having a definitive end point narrowed down.  This is really when you are reading, listening, sketching, listening, talking.  Really anything that will increase your knowledge of the field.  The scope part of this is narrowing your project down to a single focus.  For example from moving from film, to sound design in cinema.

Designing and developing your idea.  This will feed also into designing your research to feed into your dissertation.  Anything you make and research will go towards developing your idea.  You must also put the development time into your project so that you can lay the foundations to make your project easier in the long run.  Laying the ground work early makes the project easier in the long run because you have a foundation to work from.

We must also be aware of our evaluation and reflection of our projects as well.  This will be where you take what you have made and researched and test what it embodies.  This will be done through audience responses.  After this i will reflect on what the audience have said and then adjust accordingly.  It may change the direction which I take my project in.


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