Week 2 – Class 2

In our class today with Kenny we discussed in detail proof of concept.  A proof of concept is a prototype of your idea to go ahead and work on.  A proof of concept prototype is used to test out a hypothesise.  Using this we can find out the feasibility and functionality of your idea.  This is very effective if creating a product, as you don’t go ahead and waste money on development without a definitive end goal.  You can also test out skillset when creating a prototype, as if you go into building a model for example, and you are incapable of producing the product you set out to, then it is unlikely that your skill level is good enough to match your idea of what you want to create.  Having a proof of concept too is a very good tool for helping create an accurate market research cross section,  this is because you will have a product, albeit in early stages, that people will be able to interact with and give their opinions and comments so you can alter the hypothesise to match the issues they have had.

Your project aim should have a clear and defined end goal, a methodology to achieve that goal, have discipline in the context relevant to my background and be substantial and with purpose.

In this lecture we also discussed the importance of being invested in your product.  For example, if you are starting a project on something which you are not genuinely passionate about, you will not be producing the best product outcome that you could be.  You must love and immerse yourself in the subject area to be sure that you will be creating the best product that you could be.  This is why I have decided to move from a project in video games to movies.  Although I love video games, I do not immerse myself in them, I play one video game regularly, whereas I watch a movie almost every day.


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