Week 4 – Lecture 4

In this lecture with Simone, we were discussing the difference between primary and secondary research.  The difference is that you are in control of any primary research, whereas, secondary research is research which someone else has done.  For example, listening to a music track is primary research, but reading an evaluation of that music track would be secondary research as someone else wrote it.  Interviews and questions you have asked people is usually overlooked but this is primary research.  It is unlikely that we will have any primary research sources in our contextual review, due to the nature of it.  It will most likely be us gathering research from books and journals.

The contextual review is often the title of a main chapter of a research paper or dissertation.  The contextual review requires a lot of planning and reading research.  It will require you to look for and gather a range of sources.  It involves you comparing and contrasting literature on your chosen subject.

During research we must always be aware of the quality of the sources we are reading, in terms of the publication.  You must always be aware of peoples personal opinions and bias in a published piece you are researching.  As a researcher you must be aware of the legitimacy of a piece based on the objectivity and authority of the publisher.

Referencing is very important because it gives credit to the people who did the work. To include other’s work without identifying the owner/producer of the materials can lead to you being accused of plagiarism. It enables readers to find the same sources, and shows how much work you have done finding references.


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