Project Aim – Draft 3

Sound design plays a vital part in cinema. Sound design includes ambience, sound effects and any extra sounds the sound designer feels necessary to add to enhance the film and add to the immersion for the audience members. Manipulating real life sounds in a digital audio workstation creates many of these sounds. Most people don’t connect as much consciously with sound design as they do with music, and I would like to highlight the immersion sound design brings to people sub-consciously. I plan on taking scenes from films, which I feel excel in exceptional sound design, and playing them for an audience, to then comment and complete a questionnaire about. I want to see what specific elements of sound design evoke certain feelings in the audience. I will use the results to create an accurate database of what sound design elements can evoke certain feelings within an audience member, to be used to help sound designers in the future as well as myself.


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