Week 7 – Meeting with Kenny

This week we were off from our scheduled classes, but instead we had a one on one meeting with Kenny.  My meeting was at Thursday at 1140.  In my meeting I discussed the main idea of my project, being that I wanted to look more into the sound design and ambience in movies.  He said that I explained a lot better in person than I had over email, and gave me advice to work towards.  He said I need to narrow down my idea slightly to a more specific subject and possibly narrow down on genres.  I have decided to narrow my idea down more specifically to the ambient sounds of movies.  The ambient sound can be used to display location, tone, tension and a lot more in a film so I want to go more in depth into that.  He also gave me a few recommendations on films to watch for great sound design: WALL-E, Big Hero 6, Inside Out, No Country For Old Men and Once Upon a Time in the West.  Now that I have a more narrow path to take towards my end goal I feel I am in a better mindset on my work and what goals I need to achieve to get there.  This meeting has really helped me clear a defined path towards what I will eventually be working on.


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