Week 8 – Lecture 8

In Simone’s lecture today we were talking about the research proposal.  The research proposal highlights the content of the honours project and the dissertation.  It is written in an academic style and must be roughly 2000 words.  It should be informed by at least 8 peer reviewed resources and include a future reading list.  The structure you should follow when writing the research proposal is:

Abstract       200-300 Non-included word count


Contextual review – can be part of introduction



Expected outcomes and conclusions

References               Non-included word count

Bibliography           Non-included word count

Further reading

The introduction is a general overview of the research topic to capture the reader’s interest.  Avoid specialist terminology at this point; write for someone not in the field.

The contextual review is where you establish the conceptual, theoretical and practical context of your proposed research.  Identify related social, artistic theories etc.  This should also provide rationale for your proposed research.  It should provide your critical argument demonstrating the value of your proposed research.  Your literature review should also provide the basis for your critical framework, and to identify appropriate criteria you will use later on.

Methodology is where you begin to highlight the methods that you will use to collect and generate data, both quantitative and qualitative. Data must be analysed to be understood and presented as evidence. We must use this evidence to support our claims and project goals.  Describe your methodology.  What methods you will use.  How you will select participants etc.


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