Case Study Thoughts

My idea for collecting case studies is to watch a film as often as possible, and take notes throughout the whole film on my iPad about the sound.  At the end I will be able to transfer these notes to my blogs and create an accurate case study about each film.  I will try and watch as many films as possible but I want to focus mainly on thriller style films, as they are my favourite genre of film.  This way I know I will be more engaged and passionate about what I am doing, also I believe that these films are the ones which use sound most effectively.  Some films I know I already want to create a definitive case study on include: no country for old men, donnie darko, once upon a time in the west, pi, requiem for a dream.  These are films I have seen before and love the sound for, so I will be able to be critical of it.  I will take a lot of peoples suggestions as well on films I should be watching.  Once I have a large amount of case studies I will be able to take the specific scenes I need to create my honours project including the questionnaire.


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