Reading list for christmas

After research into the subject I am basing my project aim on, I have come up with a definitive reading list to finish before my hand in before the Christmas break.  The list below contains books that I have either read in full, read the relevant excerpts from or are planning on doing one of these two things before hand in.

Film Sound: Theory and Practice – Elisabeth Weis and John Belton (1985)

Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen – Michel Chion (1994)

Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema – David Sonnenschien (2001)

Audio in Media – Stanley R. Alten (2007)

Film Music – Peter Larsen (2007)

Sound Effects Bible – Ric Viers (2008)

Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound – David Lewis Yewdall (2011)

Electronic Music and Musique Concrete – F.C. Judd (2013)

All of these books contain relevant information on my project aim, and will hold great information I can put towards my project.


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