Project Proposal

Our first hand in for this year was on 23rd November, and this was for our project proposal.  In this document we had to outline a lot of things about our dissertation and project.  The main aim was to successfully vocalise the reason that we want to do the project that we are proposing.  If we can easily explain the reason why we desire to do the project, and the reason why the project is necessary, then we have done a successful proposal.  The contents we needed to include within the proposal are the the project aim, the timeline, the actual project details, the references we have done in preparation for the project, the methodology and processes of the project we will take.  We also had to do a literature review, and a contextual review for the document.  We also had to create a conclusion to make sure that we are aware of the viability and necessity of doing this project.  And obviously just like every other document we create for university we had to include a full bibliography for each document.  I started this document slightly later than I would have liked to so I feel like if I had a longer time to finish it I could have produced a better document, nevertheless I am happy with the final outcome.

The full essay is attached below.

1403877 – Danny Smith – Creative Sound Production – Research Proposal



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