Literature Review

Here is the list of books again for the literature review but this time with a short description by each to explain the books a little better.

  • Film Sound: Theory and Practice – Elisabeth Weis and John Belton (1985): A collection of essays about both the theory and practical uses of sound within film, ranging from why to use particular microphones to sound art within cinema.
  • Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen – Michel Chion (1994): The excellent book in which Chion assesses the audiovisual relationship between sound and visuals in modern cinema using new concepts and ideas coined by Chion himself.
  • Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, voice and Sound Effects in Cinema – David Sonnenschien (2001): A more exercise based take on sound design, offering starting points to help beginning sound designers on a particular sound design topic.
  • Audio in Media – Stanley R. Alten (2007): Stanley Alten delivers a range of necessary audio techniques and principles to get people started in todays’ production based media industry.
  • Film Music – Peter Larsen (2007): Larsen dissects many aspects of the film soundtrack, with specific focus on two film case studies; Metropolis and The Graduate.
  • Sound Effects Bible – Ric Viers (2008): A comprehensive guide for recording and editing particular sound effects.
  • Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound – David Lewis Lewdall (2011): A collection of real-life data, based on experience from the author, which embrace the topic of sound for movies.
  • Electronic Music and Musique Concrète – F.C. Judd (2013): A book highlighting the author’s personal journeys and experiences through electronic music throughout the 50s and 60s.

Hopefully this extra knowledge will inform my dissertation more, and contribute towards the success of my honours project.


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