End of Year show

I recently went to an exhibition at the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre (DCA) called ‘Drawn Into Tomorrow’ by Finnish duo IC-98.  This is a time based art piece which mixes illustration with animation.  There was a collection of 4 almost hour long animations, it shows very dark hand drawn landscapes that have been animated to show the world without humans in it anymore.  The artists themselves are named Visa Suonpää and Patrik Söderlund, and they state that the pieces are long so that the viewers can reflect on them and think to themselves as they are not provided with answers from these pieces, Patrik states “its an evolving meditative experience”.  The one I was drawn to was called Hours, Years, Aeons.  It shows a dark and dank forest which has a tree which sinks into a lake and flowers which bloom around the screen, the piece is shown in a room with the work being projected onto a large wall and a bench to sit and admire the piece.  The room was chilling from walking in as the passageway is pitch black and it is very difficult to see around the room, as your eyes adjust you see any other people in the room and the bench in the centre.  I think Patrik Söderlund put it well when saying that the piece is meditative, as it moves so slowly and precisely over such a long period of time, its almost hypnotic.  The main thing other than the beautiful visuals that draw you in though is the music backdrop.  The music in this piece is very dissonant, mainly played by harsh woodwind instruments and horns, but there is also a lot of sound design and musique concrete.  The music very much represents the on screen visuals, with loud creaking noises whenever the tree moves a significant amount, the noises like this are loud and harsh and don’t seem to fit into any time signature as they are just sound design pieces.  The mists which rise up out of the marsh water and the tree is also given a complimentary motif in the music, there is a wispy airy sound when the on screen visuals are being matched.  There was also a scurrying of bugs when we saw an infestation of termites swarm the tree, which could make anyone’s skin crawl.  The rest of the piece is filled mainly by what I believe is an oboe or clarinet, which plays a very ominous and uncomfortable backdrop of beautiful dissonant music, which again does not seem to fit into any particular time signature.  Which sets the mood perfectly of the marshlike forest.  I have been influenced very heavily by this piece for my final honours presentation, as it matches what I would like to do quite similarly.



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