Simone’s lecture semester 2 lecture 2

In todays lecture we discussed methods of working with your experiment participants.

You use participants to test theories.  You will create an assumption about something and then find out if the theory is correct in reference to the results of the experiment.  They will either inform or contrast your assumption, and you can adjust your findings accordingly.  The standard is to have at least 32 participants minimum in most studies, but as this is a student project we do not have to follow this.

You should also not be asking what the participants like or dislike about the work.  You should just be asking for their own opinion, so they do not feel obliged to say anything positive or negative.  This is done to understand others’ own experiences without providing them with any bias, which you will be about your own work.  You must also be an objective observer, make sure that all participants are aware that constructive criticism is accepted and won’t be taken into offence.  To do all of this you must only ask questions which are neutral.  Everyone taking part must be aware that there is no wrong or right answers.  You must also order questions in a way which will not affect the participants next answers.

After the questionnaire section of my screenings, I will try to get a focus group meeting, to just get a general idea of most peoples movie viewing habits, in reference to soundtracks.  I will make these semi-structured, with prompts used to start conversations and then observe and record what is said.  Focus groups are usually used in market research to get peoples opinions of products or media.


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