Simone’s lecture semester 2 week 1

In this lecture Simone went over elements of good critical writing.  To have a cohesive document your essay must have clarity and precision, being very clear about what is trying to be conveyed.  It must have accurate and precise information to inform and back up your theories, no estimates or guesses.  All information must be relevant, nothing should go off topic too far that it is indecipherable from the original point in question.  It must also have great breadth to the points, this is a dissertation now, not an essay, no half assing any points.  And of course there must be a depth of different logical information which all relates back to the point at hand.  This will all of course improve over time, as most things do with practice.  All academic writing should be supported and informed by appropriate literature, reference the hell out of it.  Conversely to this, you should not put citations in the abstract.  Also similarly to this, it must be noted that personal and anecdotal evidence is not supported in critical writing.  In critical writing you must also always put the focus on the object and not the researcher. Case studies are deep and purposeful analyses of a topic, and should be underpinned by theory indefinitely.  Case studies should not just be a review of a topic.


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