I have decided after a project meeting with Kenny that there are some changes needed to be made to the project.  I am focusing too much on the wrong areas.  For example, I was planning on screening the film clips to highlight and confirm my assumptions on how they made people feel.  As Kenny said though, this would be benign as each of the clips are already made in a particular way, that the screenings would not highlight anything, they’d just give obvious results which I already know.  So instead I will go into a much deeper analysis of the case studies, so that I can pinpoint everything that will make people feel these ways to a tee.  If I manage this effectively I will then have extra knowledge when it comes to creating my soundtracks for my own media piece in the end when it comes to that point.  I was focusing too much on backing up my point with information that holds no merit when I should be doing that through appropriate literature and examples.  The aim thing I am trying to say is I will be taking a more hands on practical approach rather than what I was currently doing.  I have been told some examples will will inform my final project presentation.  These examples are: Derek Jarman’s “Blue”, Italian animation series “The red and the blue” and the classic Disney “Fantasia”.  The simple and avant-garde style of these examples will help me with my final presentation idea of the moving image piece.

In regards to the final piece I must start drawing and artefacts that can be used for the animation.  I must also start speaking to animators and artists who understand what I am trying to do and how do it for guidance on how to create the final piece.  Once I have a piece to score to which I am hoping to have before the end of February, I can begin to create the soundtracks I am aiming to.  I have a holiday booked for the end of February for 10 days, hopefully over this time I will be able to finalise at least one, and also get a good portion of my writing done.


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