Consent Form

I have written up a consent form for all participants taking part in the experiment.  This will be confirmation from them that they know all procedure and protocol during the experiment.  It will also confirm that they are fully aware of the experiment and what is happening.  I will paste it below:

Danny Smith is a student of Creative Sound Production at The University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland.  Danny’s honours project aims to show a link between soundtrack elements and the audiences emotions.  This experiment will involve you watching a series of film clips, and answering a questionnaire after each one, on how it affected you.  Each film clip will be between 2 and 5 minutes long.  You have the option to not take part at any point during the screenings, with the options to leave before and during the experiment.  You will also have the option for your questionnaires answers to not be used in the experiment after it is finished.  There will be a few personal questions asked at the beginning; name, age, gender and occupation.  You will have the option of not answering these questions and keeping all of your answers anonymous.  This experiment will be used to inform Danny’s own project of creating soundtracks to highlight particular emotions for his own media.  This experiment is intended to benefit the researcher, Danny Smith, and may not benefit you in any way.  All non-essential information will be kept confidential unless the researcher, Danny Smith, asks you personally later for a specific purpose.  Any health and safety risks that could occur during the experiment will be made explicitly clear by the researcher, Danny Smith, before beginning.  The contact details of the researcher, Danny Smith, will be given to you for any enquiries and/or concerns you may have about the experiment or questionnaires.  The final presentation will be available for all participants to see at the end of year show, also all the research will be available for anyone who took part to view once the project is complete.


Please print name below:



Please sign below to confirm that you have read and understand everything outlined above:


Researcher’s signature:



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