Final piece rundown

For my final piece for the honours year presentation I am hoping to create an animation to compose soundtracks to.  I want to be able to score different soundtracks, evoking different emotions, to the same piece of media.  This will be the point at which I can highlight what I am trying to with this entire dissertation, because if I can make people feel different ways when listening to the soundtrack with the same visuals, then it will be a success.  I will be creating the artefacts myself to use in the animation, and work with animator friends to create the final product.  I have begun researching into how to animate this myself, but I think I will work in collaboration with my animator friend.

I plan on making the animation very basic, a character walking away from the camera through shrubbery or a wooded area. I would like it to loop and certain things pass the character and want it to last around 4 minutes.  I would like the animation to end with the character reaching something it cannot pass and stops walking.  The looping animation of the shrubbery and walking should apparently not take too long to create apparently from my animator friend.  Each of the incoming things that appear on screen will just be basic shapes or characters from the same area.  The end scene of the character at the dead end will be what really rounds off the piece and will highlight the tone trying to be set.

The goal is that each of the different soundtracks will make you interpret the animation differently.  For example, there would be one in which the character appears to be out for a stroll to find something they were looking for at the end.  Whereas another way it could be interpreted is that the character is lost in the woods and is coming to the realisation they may never get out, and the dead end is the final nail in the coffin.  Another soundtrack could be very eerie, and in a horror style, to really just try and spook the audience.

The objects that appear on the path will be nothing of significance, they will be simple shapes.  This was decided by taking inspiration from Italian cartoon ‘The Red and The Blue’ recommended by Kenny.  The cartoon is stop motion and everything is set on a plain white background, the red playdough is always just trying to have a good time while the blue is always just trying to stop it.  The main thing that draws people to the programme is the simplicity of it.  All the dialogue is communicated in a non-language so that there was no need to translate it, and everything is made 100% out of the playdough.  The fact that these shapes will be non-important, means that anything can be composed to them, making the soundtrack signify what they mean.

The ambiguity of this media piece is what is drawing me to finalise it.  I feel like the many different avenues it can take will lead me to create several more soundtracks for the piece both for future and for presentation.


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