As for the animation I am hoping to create, I have realised that I do not have the skills to successfully create what I am hoping to.  I have been speaking to an animator friend from DJCAD in Dundee, who has explained everything that I would need to ask an outside animator to create this piece for me.  I would need a rough storyboard, but nothing too extreme because it is mostly a looping animation with only small changes.  I will also need a character design from all angles with a short description on how they walk and move.  I would also need a stylised idea of the world in which the character is.  As well as the final few frames of the dead end.  So I will have all of this material ready by Wednesday to ask some animators.  As of the 09th February I have located an animator to create the animation from DJCAD named Fraser.  I have sent him the character, a general feel of the location and just exactly what I am looking for in the final piece.  I am confident he will produce a high quality final product.


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