Draft guidelines for dissertation

We were tasked to write a guideline outline for the dissertation.  We had to include all of the sections, including what would be included in each.  And then we had to have a word count breakdown, to be sure that we were staying within the writing limit.  I will include the document below.

Contents Page:

7500 words overall.

Abstract – Not included in word count

  1. Introduction – To be completed last, as to reflect on everything written to that point. ~ 500 Words
  • Include a quick run down of your own personal project
  • Include a small backstory on why you are doing this project
  • Include relevant information for those not versed in the subject
  1. Literature Review – Different from the concept development document, put in the academic context expected for a dissertation. ~ 1500 words
  • Include a list of all relevant reading materials studied to this point
  • Include further reading
  1. Methodology – The methods used to go about the project. ~ 1500 words
  • Case study research
  • Practice
  • Test screenings
  • Questionnaire/interview
  1. Project Description – Choose key moments of the project to create a larger account and explain in a lot more context. ~ 2500 words
  • Working with an outside animator
  • The relevance
  • Struggles with case study findings
  1. Results and Findings – Based on screenings, questionnaires and interviews, making sense of the data collected. Include an analysis of the findings within context of the project. ~ 1000 words
  • The answers to questionnaires and interviews
  • How the results either back up or oppose my theories
  • Explain how the results can be used by others
  1. Conclusion – A breakdown of everything discussed within the dissertation, and any possible avenues I could take from there. ~ 500 words
  2. References – Not included in word count
  3. Bibliography – Not included in word count

As seen here, each section has been drafted to show how much words should be included at minimum to reach the amount of words at 7500.  If this is done accordingly to the guidelines set up above, the dissertation will be in the guidelines that have been set out by Abertay and get a passing grade for it.


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