I began to create soundscapes based on my animation premise.  I do not have the animation yet so I am doing it from concept, so obviously I will need to sync up the soundtracks when the animation is completeI have been imagining the scenarios in my head that I would like to create soundtracks for.  And using ableton live I create a soundscape to match what I want to create.  The animation still features the same premise of a character walking through a tunnel of trees passing objects on the ground until they reach a dead end where the animation ends.  The first soundscape I made you can hear footsteps walking, and a synth I created right from the start.  The synth due to its resonator plugin sounds really eerie as the sound scratches and pauses, at the pause the note of a string resonates out.  The synth is panned fully to the left, which creates a harmonic tension in your mind as it doesn’t sound like it should be just in one ear with its scratching synth noise.  The envelope filter brings the volume up slowly on the attack and lingers on the sustain to keep the pressure ringing in your ears before the next note.  G, A#, D#, C is the sequence being played so it is in A#.  This continues for 43 bars, with the sounds of a bird coming into intermittently which has been heavily EQd to lose a lot of the low end.  At the 43rd bar, another set of heavier more low end footsteps come in, to represent being followed by a monster.  The second set of footsteps are panned slightly to the right.  At the same time, a wobbling bass is introduced panned fully to the right.  This is to represent a sense of fear that has just been introduced.  At bar 57 another bass is introduced to represent the characters heartbeat, it is heavily muted.  At bar 66 I decided to increase the tempo slowly, from 120bpm to 177bpm at bar 82, which is the end.  The tempo increase is to represent the character walking faster through the forest, as it increases the speed of all the sounds in the piece.  At bar 69 I introduced the sounds of the monster breathing to show that it has gotten a lot closer, it fades in, the breathes are slow and long, and have been EQd to add more low end, to keep the primal and animalistic feel to it.  After 6 bars of this I introduce the characters heavy breathing as well, to show the fear they are feeling, the breathing of the character is a lot quicker and shaky.  The characters breath has been EQd to lose some of the low end, I also boosted the top end to make it sound more breathy, this was done to contrast the monster.  Everything stops at bar 85, except the characters breathing which takes one more breathe.  I feel the soundscape here creates the tension which I was looking to show.  The visual story I had in my head is represented in an abstract way here.


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