The Animation

As I arrived back from my vacation, my friend from DJCAD had finally finished and sent me the animation that I needed for my honours project.  The animation is a character walking through a forest, as he is walking there is a triangle which begins bouncing alongside him, and then disappears.  This then happens again, but this time there are three triangles that bounce alongside till they also disappear.  This all happens as the one character continues to walk along the forest path.  As he is walking, there is also holes in the ground that he walks past slowly, and some which go by very quickly, some of them have horns coming out of them.  At the end of the video there is one hole with horns, which then follows the character as he reaches the end of his path.  As he is nearing the end we see a large pile of rocks which we can see is blocking the way, the end point of the animation.  As this is the first draft of the animation, he reaches the pile of rocks, has a small shaky moment a la pokemon battle, and then the animation ends.  The background of the animation also goes from day to night and then morning, which will be great to try and highlight using sound.  Overall the animation is currently 4.39 minutes, and is expected to have a few more seconds if the animator has time to make a final draft, which is currently not necessary.  I am a fan of the animation, it has enough things visually that I will be able to score soundtracks too, with a lot of open space to try out interesting sound designs.



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