Soundtrack 3 – The Rain

This piece features a character walking around in the pouring rain, to show the effectiveness of using weather sounds to show the emotions of the characters in the piece.  Later in the animation, I have tried to create a soundscape of a military funeral, and this will be used to create a soundtrack to highlight the emotion of sadness.  The rain sound was recorded in my flat last year during a day where it was heavily raining out of my bedroom window.  It only lasts a short amount of time so I created two audio tracks and fade them all in and out, then put the fades to overlap.  This has worked quite well to create a seamless loop of the rain, and can easily be extended to any length needed.  I did footsteps to add in, they are heavy footsteps from Doctor Martens boots on a wooden floor.  I duplicated them as well, moving the timing of the boots by fractions of a second, to sound like an army of people marching.  The aim is to evoke the image of marching men in boots, in a military setting.  8 bars in there is a triangle comes into the scene and bounces down the street with the character, to show this there is a swell to introduce the triangle and when it leaves.  There is also a group of three more triangles who appear and bounce along, which fade in and out as well.  The way that these triangles fade in and out sound like a group of ghosts fading in and out of the characters mind, to call back to the idea that this is a military funeral, as if the ghosts are his fallen comrades.  I created a military snare drum sequence to play along the piece, which I distorted by chopping up, reversing and adding audio effects to the drum lines, and specific drums.  This creates a tension in the piece which runs throughout, because the drums add an association with war which in turn makes us think about death and sadness.  This along with the rainy background makes this piece feel sadness.  The goal here of evoking the scene of a military funeral, with the marching boots, and the ghostly figures.  To keep within this theme I decided that the sound of bagpipes would be good to add into this piece.  I found a royalty free bagpipe piece and added it into the animation.  I reversed the musical track and shifted its pitch down.  This still sounded ultimately like bagpipes but a more synthetic version of them.  It is still enough like them to know that they are bagpipes but different enough to know that something isn’t quite right with them.  The use of bagpipes ties back to the idea of an American military funeral.  I have also sampled a basic wave form taken from Ableton’s sample library and created a bassline with it.  I did this by duplicating the audio and pitch shifting each one to the notes I wanted, it is not a very happy sounding musical sequence and it helps adding towards the feeling of sadness in the track.  As the holes bypass the character walking through the woods, there had to be something which defined them.  So there is the sound of a deep cathedral bell.  The bell is loud, long and reverberant.  It helps to create the feeling of being at a funeral in that regard, as the bell tolls at the church.  There is a point where three holes that go past with horns coming out of them.  Which have used the bell again, but in reverse, much like the bagpipes, you are aware of what it is but it is different enough to question yourself.  The entire piece fades out, rather than stopping suddenly, which keeps the feeling of sadness high because nothing gets resolved.


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