Demon Voices

For soundtrack one, the character walks past holes in the ground, and in contrast to the ghostly voices who whisper to you out of this hole.  There are demon voices also coming out of the hole.  Like the ghosts are slaves and the demons are their masters.  These voices are very surreal sounding based on the way that they were created.  The screenshot of the waveform looks like this.  The red lines represent the automation of a fader.  The raw audio was originally very unusual chat.  I set up a very bad quality microphone and set it up to record a group of my friends talking while watching television.  The fades in and out are to specific lines.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 20.01.28

Below is the signal chain of audio effects for this stream of audio.  A lot of these effects don’t work on their own, but altogether work in great harmony to create the creepy voices I needed.  The EQ just mades the voices very breathy and scratchy.  The combination of the chorus and flanger makes it seem like these voices are flying back and forth around your head, and adds a buzzy feeling in your head as you’re listening to it.  The pitch shifter at the end of the chain pitches the shift down twice, making it sound like a group of voices rather than single voices.  The pitch shifter is what makes the voices sound like demons in the traditional sense you hear in movies.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 20.02.18

The audio track can be heard in isolation at the link below:


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