Dialling up

In soundtrack two, the conclusion of this piece is the character freaking out and losing his mind in anger and frustration.  The horrible, familiar sound of a dial up modem is the main feature of this half of the soundtrack.  The audio track was sourced from online, as I had no way to record it myself.  After loading the audio track into Ableton, there are several functions of time stretch manipulation: beats, tones, complex, complex pro, texture and re-pitch.  They all change the harmonic texture of the audio in a different way, the one which I chose to use was beats.  The audio was roughly 3 bars long to begin with but I extended it around 8 bars by stretching and squashing the audio.  Screenshots are below of the waveform and audio effects.  The overdrive is first in the chain in front of the EQ which is an unusual choice, usually all the effects happen after the EQ to affect the EQ’d sound.  I chose it this way, as it is now EQing the distorted audio, as a band-pass filter in the centre of our hearing range.  After the distorted sound has been EQd it is passed through a sound erosion effect, this just gives another level of excitement at 4.2kHz by fuzzing it out a little more.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 23.25.25Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 23.25.43

The sound can be heard in isolation here: https://soundcloud.com/svrdophobia/dial-up-modem


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