Extra Percussion

In the second half of the second soundtrack, the emotion trying to be evoked was manic anger.  As the dial up sound enters into the piece, I was trying to create a wall of sound of different textures of sounds.  I had to add in extra percussion alongside the drum line which goes through the whole piece.  It is a hand clap sequence in Ableton’s sample library which I added to piece, which creates an almost tribal style feel to the second half of the soundtrack.  The soundwave will be shown below.  As you can see the pattern is 1-2-3-1-2 then 1-1-1-3-2.  This handclaps had a very particular audio effect added to it.  I used a mid side EQ.  This particular EQ separates the frequency spectrum into the centre frequencies and side frequencies so that they can be manipulated individually without creating any artificial artefacts on the other frequency bands.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 00.27.00

This percussion can be heard in isolation here: https://soundcloud.com/svrdophobia/handclap-percussion


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