Footsteps – Soundtrack 1

In the first soundtrack, I decided that the footsteps should be repetitive and monotonous.  The footsteps only have 1 variation and are heard from the start to the end of the soundtrack.  It is done as you are meant to hear the soundtrack and let the footsteps blur into itself, as a sonic metaphor really to the distance that the character is walking, as you forget just how far it is and it just keeps going and going.  Screenshots below.

We can see the two footsteps on the left individually, and that is how they play over and over.  On the right we see the signal chain of audio effects added to the footsteps.  First up an EQ8 to reduce a lot to the low frequencies.  The footsteps were recorded on gravel, and the EQ made the real scratchy and rough sounds of the gravel shine through, adding to the viewers impression of the environment, making it seem like a more desolate and industrial place that our character is walking through.  Next up is the saturator, this adds a really light harmonic distortion and really makes the footsteps seem a lot warmer than they actually are.  Making this a lot less harsh on your ears than it would be without it.  Lastly there is a compressor added to the footsteps.  This was just done to bring the volume of the footsteps up a little in the mix to make sure they are audible to the audience.


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