In soundtrack three the character is meant to be at a soundscape of an American military funeral.  When I think of these events I instantly think of bagpipes being played by the grave.  I did not have bagpipe recordings or know anyone who I could get them off of, so I sourced some royalty free bagpipe music from the internet and got a song called Longueval.  The soundtrack is sued to portray sadness, and I manipulated the bagpipe music to confuse your mind slightly.  It is still recognisable as bagpipe music but sounds slightly unusual.  Firstly I used this eight band EQ, to boost the frequencies a little bit at 5kHz and 150Hz to bring a warmer sound compared to the usual howling bagpipes we’re familiar with.  I then also added a flanger to the bagpipe music.  A flanger creates a duplicate of the signal and shifts it slightly by a few milliseconds creating a comb filtering effect, and the flanger changes the length of the delay to create a swooshing effect.  The bagpipe music seems to spin around your head due to the filter.  To create another level of surrealism to the bagpipes I pitch shifted them down by 7 semitones, not only did this make the bagpipes sound different, it switched the song into a minor sounding key.  The last thing to confuse your ears with these bagpipes that I did was reverse the entire song.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 04.05.09

The bagpipe track can be heard in isolation here:


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