Snare Drumming

In the piece the character is walking through what is meant to be a military funeral, so to compliment the bagpipes there is a snare drum line.  The drum is actually a tom drum, but I have manipulated it in a way to sound like a snare drum.  As you can see the EQ is kind of sporadic, with bands 1 and 3 dipping to frequencies, particularly at 500Hz.  Then there is a vinyl distortion model in the signal chain.  This is a unit which adds the crackle you hear when listening to vinyl records.  And lastly the erosion device.  This is what makes the tom sound like a snare more than anything.  In this instance it adds in a lot of noise at 4.42kHz in a narrow band.  Some of the snare lines have been added in sporadically and also reversed.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.47.54

You can hear a sample of the drum line here:




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